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New Evidence

New Evidence

Glossip’s Team Has New Evidence That Shows He Wasn’t Involved

The Glossip team has 29 new witnesses and experts who have come forward, signed affidavits under oath, and are ready to testify, including:

  • Multiple independent witnesses locked up with Sneed who heard him say the murder was a robbery gone wrong carried out by Sneed and his girlfriend—and Glossip had nothing to do with it.
  • To at least one witness, Sneed bragged about framing Glossip, and asked them to lie in court to support his story. The witness refused.
  • A witness who grew up with Sneed who said Sneed had a history of meth use and burglary in Texas, that Sneed was known to be violent and “would steal anything that wasn’t bolted to the floor.”  
  • A witness who will testify to Sneed’s lure-and-rob modus operandi: Sneed regularly snuck  into motel rooms while prostitutes were engaged with johns they’d lured there and brazenly stole from them. The same witness spoke with someone who saw Sneed’s girlfriend wearing a blood-stained shirt the night of the murder. This witness later talked to Sneed’s girlfriend, and the girlfriend said “I’m not going down for this murder.”

Glossip’s lawyers also had experts, including several medical examiners and a forensic accountant, examine the evidence prosecutors presented at trial. They found many of the allegations the D.A. had made about the crime and the motive simply were not true

Stay tuned for more details about new evidence.