Current Status of the Case


In April 2024, conservative leaders filed new briefs calling on the United States Supreme Court to vacate Richard Glossip’s conviction and send the case back to state court for a new trial. The briefs were filed by Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond, former Virginia Attorney General and Trump Administration Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli, current and former Republican Oklahoma legislators, and former members of the bipartisan Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission.

Read the briefs here:

AG Drummond’s Brief
Former AG Cuccinelli’s Brief
Oklahoma Legislators’ Brief
Former Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission Members’ Brief

The status of the case as of January 22, 2024

On Monday, January 22, 2024, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear Richard Glossip’s case and to consider whether he deserves a new trial. The Court is expected to hear oral arguments later this year.

The status of the case as of July 5, 2023

AG Drummond filed the reply brief for the State of Oklahoma IN SUPPORT of Glossip’s request for a new trial.

The status of the case as of May 5, 2023

The Supreme Court stays Richard’s execution, then scheduled for May 18th. A stay by SCOTUS is rare.

The status of the case as of April 26, 2023

Richard Glossip attended his second clemency board hearing. Clemency is only granted with a majority rule (three ‘yes’ votes needed). In an unprecedented hearing, and for the first time in OK history, the Attorney General personally  presented on behalf of the state and asked for clemency. What the public did not see at the hearing was a coordinated silent protest in the room of Glossip’s clemency by the District Attorney Council (DAC), spearheaded by retired DA David Prater (who withheld the DA files for the last 8 years) and 8 powerful district attorneys from across the state. The board voted 2-2 against him and Richard Glossip was denied clemency. The tie vote is not a majority vote, and one member recused himself, which counted as an automatic no. All three no-vote members were district attorneys.  

The status of the case as of April 20, 2023

The OCCA denies Attorney General Drummond’s motion to vacate Glossip’s conviction and remand the case back to the district court. 

A third stay of execution was requested with Governor Stitt, who denied the request.

The status of the case as of April 3, 2023

Independent counsel, Rex Duncan, releases the findings from his investigation and calls for a new trial. In response, AG Drummond asked the OCCA to grant Mr. Glossip’s petition for a new trial based upon this misconduct by the prosecution.

The status of the case as of March 27, 2023

The Attorney General for the State of Oklahoma and Glossip’s defense team file jointly asking the OCCA for a stay of execution while Glossip’s 2nd independent investigation is ongoing, and the case is considered by SCOTUS.

The status of the case as of February 16, 2023

Glossip’s execution date is rescheduled to May after the AG requested 60 days in between executions for all death row inmates.

The status of the case as of January 9, 2023

In January, just after he was sworn into office, Oklahoma’s new AG Genter Drummond gave Glossip’s defense team access to the materials in Box 8 and retained an ex-prosecutor (Rex Duncan) to conduct a full review of the case. Glossip’s defense team filed a petition to the OCCA, who denied relief. Glossip filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court of the United States to challenge the OCCA decision.